A brief methodology for working with Tibetan initiations (energy vortices) for 2019

Initiations have 3 main specifics: therapeutic – Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Vajrasattva, social – Dzambala, Manjushri, Avalokiteshwara…, protective-cleansing – Vajrasattva, Yamantarka, Vajrapani, Guru Rinpoche.

When working out/practicing with patients, it is recommended to use the following scheme:

1. At the beginning, the practitioner recites the emptiness mantra to remove all pre-existing energy traces and flows “OM SOBHAVA SHUDDO SARVA, DHARMA SOBHAVA SHUDDO HAM (or N)”. At the same time, we permeate the entire space around with radiance and make all forms and energies transparent.

2. Then he adjusts to the altruistic motivation of practicing for the Benefit of all beings of samsara, reads the prayer of Refuge in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha 3 times:


At the same time, we build a protective Fireball of Bodhichitta (Enlightenment high energy) with a diameter of 25-50 meters around us. In this fireball from above we represent the Objects of Refuge (our protection): a) above the Buddha and around him are many of his yogi disciples and Lamas of the lineage of Knowledge, and our Lama teacher among them.

b) just below the Sangha of Noble Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, including our Buddhas of Initiations of the Lower Tantras: Vajrasattva, Manjushri, Avalokita, etc.

c) even lower are the Dharma Protectors of the Dharma and the angry Buddha patrons: including Vajrapani, Yamantaka, Guru Rinpoche, Vignantaka,… etc.

All of them above us radiate radiance and the light of protection and patronage on us.

3. Recites the mantra of the desired Buddha (aloud or to youself). The practitioner imagines the channel symbol (Buddha in the right shape, simbolic) of the right color from above his head, facing himself (except Vajrasattva). The Buddha manifests at the top of the Protective Ball, from the Objects of Refuge. In his heart rotates a wide disk of the Moon (in peaceful forms), or the Sun (in angry, active forms), with the syllables of the mantra in Tibetan (it is possible in Russian). The syllables of the mantra should rotate clockwise (from left to right) along the edge of the disc in the Buddha’s chest. First, the Buddha and his aura are imbued from the inside out with energy and radiance. Then, from the Buddha, a flash of energy like an explosion flies in all directions of the Cosmos into the pure Worlds of the Buddhas and calls for Grace, Strength, Luck, health from all higher beings, in the form of divine radiance flows into the Buddha, fills him and merges down on YOU like a waterfall, a vortex, a laser beam of energy, on you and patients. When treating the patient(s), increase the size of the Buddha to such a size that the descending flow of energy covers everyone entirely. From the channel symbol down on you, the patient(s) comes a powerful flow of energy of the desired color, which permeates and washes you and the patient. In this flow, from top to bottom from the symbol in you and the patient(s), the syllables of the mantra continuously flow.

4. We mentally greet and ask the Buddha with the formula “I greet the Buddha …, I ask for blessings, treatment, purification, protection for all people present here.” At the stage of a clear, stable representation and feeling of the work of the scheme, the healer fixes the working scheme of “the Body, Speech, and Consciousness of the Buddha, that is, tantra, mantra, yantra.” One large flow of the channel from above rotates down and cleanses, improves, heals everyone for 15-20 minutes. This stage is needed to fix the energy and release it into the physical reality of time. The disc with the Buddha’s mantra and the flow of energy on you and the patients continue to imagine all the time of the meditation session. The more energy we pump on ourselves, the more it flies to the Buddha and further down to us from all sides of the cosmos.

5. In addition to one large flow from the Buddha, you lower one more small flow individually for each patient, also with rotation. These small streams of fast rotation work for 30 minutes. This stage of active individual work with all people, according to individual indications, according to pre-diagnosed problems. Remotely (from any side) clean the energy centers-chakras, thin channels (ca, Tib., Nadi, Skt.) of human energy. With the directed concentrated energy of the channel, you align the aura, eliminate breakdowns, hookups, bindings, darkening, swirls, foreign inclusions and impacts, etc.

6. In the final part, activate the person to shine from the inside, fill and strengthen the aura with the pure energy of the channel. Gradually, we imagine everyone as Buddhas, inside which a disk and a mantra rotate for 10-15 minutes. At the end of the session, the auras and bodies of all should shine with the energy of the channel, all of you have a large clockwise rotating disk in your heart (chest) with the syllables of the mantra. We present ourselves and all others as shining Buddhas.

7. At the end, increase the aura and strengthen the energy to a powerful dense radiance with the Vajrapani channel for 3-5 minutes.

8. At the Completion stage, mentally thank the Buddhas and the Spiritual Worlds for their help, read the final mantras of benevolence and saying goodbye, read the mantra for the last time:

“JAN CHUB SEM CHOK RINPOCHE, MA KYEPA NAM KYE GYUR CHIK, KYEPA NYAMPA MEPAR YAN, GON NE GON DU PHELVAR SCHOK!”. Do not close the protective Fireball and the Channel and do not dissolve!

The last formula of practice: “May the result of my work be sustainable and long-lasting for the Benefit of all Living Beings!”

When opening the next Tibetan channel, make the previous one translucent and open the next one in the same place according to the scheme. So you can work with 2-3 channels. 30 minutes each. But it is recommended not to mix different systems in one session! Do not work with more than 3 channels per session.

During the development and practice, CONSECRATED rosary beads with 108 links, a bell are used. No. It is possible to develop and apply channels without beads, for a while.

Some of the following channel combinations are recommended.

Purification and at the beginning: The Mantra of emptiness, an enlightened attitude for the Benefit of all Living Beings.

To begin treatment always with purification: Vajrasattva, karmic diseases, oncology.

Treatment: Vajrasattva, Medicine Buddha, Green Tara.

Protection and Exorcism: Vajrasattva, Vajrapani, Guru Rinpoche, Yamantaka.

Rejuvenation, body regeneration, bone fusion, food and beverage charging: Amitayus.

Filling and energizing forces, strengthening the aura, fixing other channels: Vajrapani.

For successful economic and social affairs: Kubera, Vajrapani.

Clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, improvement of consciousness, brain, memory, speech, training: Manjushri.

For successful personal and social affairs: Avalokiteshvara, Green Tara, Amitayus.

To strengthen the existing ties of Avalokiteshvara, for new ties: Green Packaging.

To the old and dying: Amitabha + Avalokiteshvara.


We remind you! That the first stage of the Diamond Path practices is the time of purification of the energy body, karma, sense organs, consciousness and memory, the physical body from the gross “flares” of samsaric poisonous emotions: anger, ignorance, stupidity, passion, greed, envy, pride.

We work with our own spiritual energies against our own negatives and the negatives of the people around us. Because we ourselves are entirely made up of the cosmic energies of the universe: we have all the energies that exist in the universe, only on a smaller scale. We do not take anything from the outside, we reveal our own cosmic forces, which we are able to control as well as our body, mind…

Thus, we burn our negative energies and remain with completely pure energies. This in our Vajrayana tradition is called the Diamond Perfect Body. It consists of the purified energies of our five elements (density, liquid, fire, wind, space), and also of the purified energies of the five sets of electric fields (dense, astral-emotional, mental, karmic, soul). With this practice, we rely on our innate abilities: chakras – subtle channels – karmic winds.

It is important to understand that the task is to increase the power and vibrational frequency of vibrations of our multidimensional being. The more spiritual – positive electric energies there are in us, the less negative – destructive forces there are. And by changing ourselves, we change the world around us. Therefore, working with others and applying Tibetan techniques in everyday life quickly increases our power and vibrational frequency. Working only for ourselves (for selfish purposes), our strength will increase slightly. By transferring knowledge and methods of improvement to others, we reduce the power of evil and ignorance on our Earth and throughout the cosmos.

As a result, you should have the following states:

stage 1 purification – lasts an average of 2-3 years of practice

Achieving a stable recommended power of the energy field M = + 20 points according to the system of the Lords of Karma, the recommended Radius of the energy field P = 5- 10km or more. There should be no  much negatives in the raw karma (aura).

The constant pumping of cosmic energy by the paternal channels of the Lower Tantras occurs from top to bottom with healing. Charged spiritual particles of the overthrow field with great force purify, burn, break all the “raw” negatives. The aura becomes self-shining, pure and bright! The protective field becomes stable, dense, gently and pleasantly enveloping.

In the process of lowering and applying all the channels of the chakra, we represent the Six-chakra Tibetan system (2 and 3 are fused together inside the navel with a large bud), looking up with petals. Constant pumping of channels from above clears the chakras, rotation goes from left to right.

Stage 2 accumulation lasts 1-2 years of practice. Gradually accumulated tantra-mantra-yantra vibrations concentrate electrical forces in the central nervous system – the brain and spinal cord. The chakras are absorbing more and more energy. Gradually, you will notice that with the opening of the channels, your chakra system will begin to respond with the ignition of its own internal electricity. This so-called kindling of the Kundalini fire occurs sequentially at the beginning in the first, then the second, third, fourth, fifth – frontal, and the last one ignites the crown. The personal evolutionary energy of the maturation of the Spirit is born, it has a mother nature. The chakras burn from the bottom up and form an upward flow of red-gold energy rising up the sushumna nadi – kyanma-tsa. When the chakras are launched into horizontal rotation, it goes from right to left. A state of euphoria, pleasure, fire, appears in the body.

Such a yogini will constantly open and use Tibetan channels in everyday life, and each time in response to the lowering of energies from above, a mystical fire will be kindled inside the body. He will feel constant pleasure, as a light pleasant bliss in the body, from the flow of ascending maternal energies. Additionally, you need to practice shamatha and vipassana meditations in order to learn to master not only relative truths, but also to go to the realization of the abs