Avesta – Ascension of Fire and Light

ZOROASTRISM – AVESTA. ASCENT OF FIRE AND LIGHT. The Avestan Spiritual Tradition is perhaps the oldest productive path of Enlightenment on Earth. It originated in the vastness of present-day Russia back in the Stone Age. Direct communication with the Creator, his angels, monotheism, striving for evolutionary growth is the basis of the spiritual creativity of the Zoroastrians. Through the Matrix of the first created by the God Creator and incarnated spiritual man Gaio-Maret, the highest knowledge and skills were passed on to his descendants. All the ancient inventions and improvements of the Aryan culture were donated by Spiritual beings that help human improvement. The brilliant ruler-priest of Yima, was one of the preservers of mankind, when, at the behest of the Creator, he led the tribes to the South, from the coming GREAT ICE AGE, which came to 10-6 thousand BC. Zarathushtra was the first historical prophet on Earth, who lived during the period of the end of the Stone Age in the Caspian region. The ancient texts of the Avesta, obtained from the celestial Spheres and first recorded by him, are no less relevant to the world today. It is believed that Zarathushtra left alive in the heavenly world, that is, he reached the Enlightened state. Tradition knew periods of greatest prosperity, when the 10th-4th centuries BC more than half of mankind were Zoroastrians. And also the times of decline, when the Motherland of Zoroastrianism ceased to exist and the few surviving bearers of knowledge sailed away to a new Motherland, to India. Today you can also join this unique and intimate page of the life of the Earth. The divine cosmic channels and instructions for practice from a hereditary Zoroastrian teacher, Erwad, Ph.D. Ramiyar Pervez Karanji. Today’s practice of Zoroastrianism is a basement of our School. Along with our experiments & discovery of scientific basement of our practices, and with Karma diagnostic supernatural knowledge & powers to influence on our lives. Jointly will allow you to go fast in personal evolution: easily cleanse your Energy bodies from harmful influences, surround yourself with the invisible protection of subtle energies, to avoid illeneses, to prolong longevity. You will be able to destroy witchcraft and magical influences, exorcise essences, apply extensive knowledge to treat various diseases and successfully exist in society, attract health and success. The fire rituals of Avestan Spiritual tradition Zoroastrism will allow your spirit to be tempered in the furnace of Light and quickly reach an enlightened state.

In total, at the moment, the training of the spiritual tradition takes place in 5 levels, which are symbolically named according to the five levels of soul development. Upon completion of the fifth level, you will receive the title of Master of the Avestan spiritual tradition and the right to study according to the system of transmission of practice from our Teacher. For Masters, there is a 6th level Reinforcing and Expanding Level.


3. ATTUNING THE HIGHEST CHANNEL OF THE SINGLE GOD AHURA MAZDA (DIVINE PRESENCE) №1. Highest of available, torsion field channel, universal purpose. For purification and strengthening of energy, health, all fields (from the main forces of the Cosmos – Amesha) and rays (from angels) channels open through it. For cleansing and strengthening energy, health.

At the first level, you will get acquainted with the tradition, its main ideas and history. You will receive the first transmission of Power – the main Great Mantras – a powerful weapon of Light and Goodness, They are the forces of the One God. To work out, each mantra is read in the morning 21 times for 40 days. When interrupted, the recitation is carried out again. After working out the mantras, constant recitation of them will lead to quick and beautiful changes in your life. You will change yourself and your environment. The constant help of God will bring you good luck and joy in life. The practice of 7 principles for cooperation with the elements of the Universe is transmitted. The practice of the highest channel of the One God – Ahura Mazda Accumulation of personal divine energy (khvarena). It is carried out for the individual recruitment and replenishment of divine energy. It is used at sessions to enhance work and pump the aura. Any suspension height: from 10 to 1000 meters.

For all channels! All divine channels open from above and descend on us. Thus, high-frequency radiations flow down to the earth along the lines of force, and with their waves irradiate the field of space and people into the creative PLUS. At the proposion point, the OPERATOR opens the ring, we call it the RADIATOR. From it+7 951 437-29-88 electromagnetic force wave of the desired frequency falls on us and the area around us, we call it the RADIATION ZONE. Due to the strength of the spatial current, voltage, high frequency of wave oscillations, our psychofield inevitably receives the necessary charge of energy and in this way we realize the task of the session.

 At the first you will get acquainted with the spiritual tradition of the Zoroastrians. You will be able to cooperate directly with Spiritual Beings – Angels – Yazats, improve your qualities and condense the energies of the Spiritual world around you. You will be able to help yourself and other people in the treatment of diseases and for success in society, for the removal of entities.




CHANNEL TISHTRIA No. 4 Social and Healing

To harmonize health and psyche, to enhance energy potential and social activity. You will continue to get acquainted with the spiritual tradition of the Zoroastrians. You will be able to cooperate directly with Spiritual Beings – Angels – Yazats, improve your qualities and condense the energies of the Spiritual world around you. You will be able to help yourself and other people in the treatment of diseases and for success in society, for the removal of entities.

ANAHITA. Lord of the element of liquid, emotional female currents of energy. Treatment of female diseases, metabolic diseases, blood diseases, arthritis, thrombophlebitis, heart diseases, stabilization of blood pressure, for conception, purification of the male seed, for pregnant women, easy childbirth, for nursing mothers. Hanging height low: 5-10 meters

MITRA. For friendliness and justice, to increase strength and confidence, for warriors, to enhance energy potential, protection from dark forces, to fulfill promises, contracts, various deeds, helps with sincere conversion and faith. Mitra – One of the oldest spiritual patrons of mankind. In Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions, his name is translated as Archangel Michael / Methuselah. Hanging height average: 10- 30 meters.

TISHTRIA. Treatment of eye diseases: cataracts, glaucoma, myopia and hyperopia, improves voice, communicates, helps to establish communication with other people, adds self-confidence. Hanging height high: 50 meters and above.



ATTUNING THE CHANNEL ARYAMAN №6 Therapeutic channels. For cleansing and strengthening health, helping the sick.

HAOMA – a spiritual being – the patron of the Indo-Iranian-European community, the giver of several benefits, especially good health, long life, the birth of healthy and brilliant children. He reigns over medicinal herbs and plants needed for healing and maintaining good health. Haoma is the patron saint of healers and doctors. Its energy is used in the manufacture of medicines and medicines. The practice of Haoma preventing disease protects a person from unexpected death. Banishes primitive spirits, phantoms, elemental entities (not demons). Haoma has been known in history since the Stone Age, and was mentioned in connection with such historical characters as Vivanghat (Vivaswant) – the father of Yima and one of the 12 Adityas – the deities of the ancient zodiac calendar. Being inspired and sanctified by the power of Haoma, Vivangghat gave birth to a son – the Brilliant Yima. Haoma patronized such Aryan characters as Trita, Asrata, Pourushaspa – the father of Zoroaster. Hanging height is low: 5-10 meters.

ARYAMAN. One of the main patrons and creators of man, one of the oldest spiritual beings. He is the chief assistant of Amshaspend Ardibehesht (Asha Vahishta). He is the chief healer among spiritual beings. He governs friendship, marriage, family ties in society and harmony between people. Solemn rituals are held for him at weddings. It also supports good health and aids in healing. 


ATTUNING OF CHANNELS VANANT #7 AND SRAOSH #8. Shock-exorcism For a significant strengthening of energy, the development of subtle vision. For effective protection against entities, podselenie, witchcraft. 

VANANT. A spiritual being named after the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra. Together with other 3 bright stars, it is the ruler of the directions of the heavens. Vanant – South. Vanant has been known to people since ancient times and is described in the Avesta. The collection Kordeh Avesta contains a special prayer Vanant Yasht. In it, he is described as one of the most powerful spiritual warriors of the Creator – a winner against any witchcraft, love spells, conspiracies, black magic, as well as against evil spirits, demonic creatures, and even against the very spirit of evil angra mainu. Vanant refers to the highest level of the Yazats of the Creator’s spiritual world. He is immortal and not limited by time and space, that is, he has a universal universal character. You can call him at any time of the day or night. Unnecessarily do not call, only for protection, to destroy witchcraft and punish sorcerers, to expel entities. His assistants are the Spiritual beings (also the Stars) of Satavaisa – West, Hafthoring – North, who do not work separately, but always help Vanant. The height of the channel suspension is high: 30 – 100 meters. 

SRAOSH. The translation is “listening, inspiration, intuition” in Avesta and Sanskrit. Sraosha controls inspiration, intuition. Known since prehistoric times as a messenger of the Creator Ahura Mazda and his closest assistant – an administrator in the spiritual hierarchy. In the period before the last glaciation during the Peshdad dynasty, he patronized people, taught them, helped them and carried out the instructions of Ahura Mazda. Sraosha is also the tanu-mantra “body of the Mantra” – the Divine Word. He was the first to sing the magical songs of the five Gathas in the spiritual world, manifested and recorded through the prophet Zarathushtra.

Its anti-evil powers are especially helpful for expelling demons, demonic beings, sentient evil beings, and the very spirit of evil, angra mainyu. The desires and ghosts of dark people help to release the bodies bound by evil.

He is referred to as “salar idaman” – “leader of creatures.” Ahura Mazda, who approved the power of Sraosh, entrusted him with the leadership of the material world. He is given the task of protecting the creatures of the world during the day and even more strongly at night. He is referred to as “khvarrekh khwadai” – “possessing the Glory of Ahura Mazda”. In Christianity and Islam it is called the Archangel Gabriel / Jabrail.

An important function of Sraosh is the protector of souls in life and after death. When the soul leaves the body, its state is like that of a newborn. Sraosh, as one of the divine judges, takes care of the souls for three days and nights, until the posthumous Judgment. He accompanies the soul across the Chinwad Bridge (In the Avesta Chinvat paratu, in the Koran – Al Sirat). Sraosha receives more love and devotion from humans than any other divine beings. The height of the channel suspension is high: 30 – 100 meters. 

Upon completion, the title of Master of Spiritual Tradition and the right to study according to the line will be awarded.


Upon completion, the title of Master of Spiritual Tradition and the right to study according to the line will be awarded


MAX No. 9 social and medical

BEHRAM №10 Power increasing, social, exorcism

ASHISHVANG №11 social. .

MAX (MOHOR) – the ruler of fate, the distributor of good luck, world emotions. His visible body in our planetary system is the moon, and his invisible force is the force of emotions, the gravitational force. It has an effect on body fluids, as well as enhancing plant growth. To attract good luck, success, fortune in life. To calm the unrest of consciousness, with emotional stress, weakening of feelings and consciousness, to eliminate and correct problems of fears, instinctive, subconscious reactions, including innate fears and problems, to cleanse the imprints of subconscious reactions. To harmonize relations in the family, society.

The height of the channel suspension is average: 10-50 meters and above.

BEHRAM (VERETRAGNA) – translation of “Conqueror of Enemies”. This is a powerful victorious force, success, elimination of obstacles, to increase the vitality of a person in all areas. To win in life affairs, success, to remove obstacles, to increase the vitality of a person in all areas, to consolidate the results of any of our work, to consolidate the action of any Yazat channels. Used as a channel for removing obstacles and for success, in combination with the Max channel. For example, in case of hard external obstacles: social, state, in business, first we break through a tough situation with the Behram channel for 30 minutes, then we harmonize and fill it with successful softness with the Max 30 min channel. In case of internal unpreparedness, immaturity of a person for a productive decision, we first bring him into a positive channel Max 30 minutes, then we shockly realize his positive in the elimination of external obstacles with a channel Max 30 minutes. ALSO his lightning strikes from above quickly incinerate and destroy hell-type demons and preta vampires that cling to the auras of people from below. Channel suspension height is average: 10-30 meters.

ASHISHVANG (ASHI VANGOHE) – translation “good grace”, a female deity, the ruler of wealth, abundance, love, happiness, spiritual wealth in the sense of true knowledge and wisdom, pure vision. To enhance socio-economic abilities, attract the energy of good luck and love in life. The hanging height of the channel is low: 5-10 meters.


All Amesh are higher, field, shock, that is, they open wide and from a great height of 30 meters +.

The highest 4 Amesh – CosmoForces are especially strong.

They will solve any problems more successfully and faster.

7. Ameretat – Immortality / Rebirth, corporeal beings #12

6. Haurvatat – Improvement, element Water No. 13

5. Spenta Armaiti – Love, Nobility, Earth element #14

4. Kshatra Vairya – Management / Power, Metal element No. 15

3. Asha Vakhishta – Laws of the Universe / Order, element Fire No. 16

2. Vohuman – Higher Consciousness, planned creation of life No. 17

1. Ahura Mazda – Wisdom, Spirit No. 18

Final CHANNEL ANAGRA RAOCHAN (Paradise of Infinite Light) Cosmic #19