During the Initiations at Kailash in June 2006, His Eminence Sonam Jorphel Rinpoche announced to all his disciples through the Tibetan Initiations of a complete system of practices leading to the attainment of Enlightenment (Nirvana) within one lifetime. This beautiful ladder to Enlightenment has been practiced by Lamas for thousands of years and invariably leads a person to the top of his spirit. Historically, the system was received from the cosmic knowledge of the Universe by wise yogis in ancient India and was transmitted continuously through the line of oral transmission (through Initiations). From India, it was brought to Tibet, where it flourished until our time. Vajrayana leads to refinement, improvement of human qualities and great personal success in life, dedicated to the Benefit of all living beings in all worlds. This is a method of ascent that has worldwide recognition and gives immeasurable cosmic powers and opportunities to any person, regardless of nationality, faith, and caste. Initiation is not just a transfer of cosmic power, mystical experience, knowledge, good mood. This is a step into the boundless world of Infinity, where there are no borders between people and countries, past and future, finite and infinite. This is a reserve for personal growth and good health for many future incarnations of your Soul. The possibilities of realization and success in any affairs of the Dedicated person are orders of magnitude greater than the capabilities of an ordinary person. This happens due to the transmission of the power of the Spiritual worlds. Dedication – responsibility to your soul, people close to you and those around you, for the result of your aspirations. This is your personal contribution to the Evolution of our beautiful Earth. A hundred years ago, the Westerners initiated into Tibetan practices could be counted on the fingers of their hands. They were Blavatsky, Besant, the Roerichs, Choma de Kereshi… and other prominent people.
Now this road of beauty and joy is open to everyone. We invite you to step on it and boldly move forward together with His Eminence Sonam Jorphel Rinpoche, and us, his students in different countries, along the famous Tibetan yoga lineage Drigung Kagyu! We invite you to Tibetan Initiations! Attention! Initiations and instructions for all practices are transmitted only through the Teacher. Any independent deviations from the Root line entail the personal responsibility of the student to himself.


Initiation is the transfer of power. At this stage, you will receive 12 Initiations. These are the initial methods of purification and development, which are practiced in Tibet and the Himalayas for individual improvement, creating the right environment, a successful and beautiful existence in this life. Receiving these Initiations is the result of the work of your soul in past incarnations, accumulated merit and purification of karma in this life. Their practice creates an invisible sphere of the spiritual world around you, which will protect, guide, heal you and your loved ones, create good accumulations of “body, speech and mind” for the next incarnations of your soul. This is the foundation of your spiritual body. By practicing them, you will master the forces of matter, solve emerging life issues, maintain health and clarity of mind for a long and beautiful life. You will be cured of any diseases, gain good luck in all matters. This is a mandatory base on which you will build the next Diamond steps of the ascent of the Spirit. The minimum time from receiving all 12 Initiations to the beginning of the practice of the Highest Tantras is 3 years. That is, it is possible to receive the Kalachakra Initiation without having 12 accumulated Initiations of the Lower Tantras. But we recommend that you practice Kalachakra Tantra effectively and go further only after you have fully worked out the first stage. First, you go through preliminary training: Generating an enlightened attitude for the Good of the World, altruistic motivation and taking refuge in Spiritual beings, the Laws of the Universe and the Community of practitioners in all Worlds (Buddha, Dharma , Sangha). Then, one by one, you receive Initiations, earn them for 40 days each (Except for Vajrasattva) and practice in your daily life, your healing activity. The recitation of Vajrasattva for the purification of personal and tribal karma takes 3 years or 100,000 long mantras.

Initiations of the first stage. 

1. Buddha of Purity Vajrasattva.

The main protective and cleansing channel. It treats many chronic diseases, including karmic, cancerous diseases, acute viral and microbial infections. It cleanses from bad habits and qualities, like anger, stupidity, envy, hatred, passion, pride, laziness. Activates our Enlightened, pure consciousness. It is used at the beginning of all developments and the course of treatment, as cleansing sessions. Experimentally tested! The most effective channel against cancer (according to the results of experiments in 2009 at the Cancer Center, it eliminates up to 95% of cancer cells in the blood in 1 session). Part of the Vajra Buddha Family. Constant reading of the mantra for 3 years or up to 100,000 times cleanses all dirty personal and tribal karma. Opens through our crown chakra, cleans-strengthens all chakras, ultra-high frequency vibrations.

2. Medicine Buddha. Universal healing channel. It treats almost all chronic and acute diseases from all 3 natures of diseases (from weapons, poisons, demons), and karmic diseases. Part of the Vajra-Lightning Buddha Family. Opens a channel in the heart chakra, cleanses and strengthens all chakras.

3. Buddha Manjushri. Dedication of clear vision, good luck, wisdom, spiritual knowledge. For children and students improves learning. Treats many mental illnesses and dementia. Corrects speech defects, improves rhetoric, memory, increases intelligence. Develops intuition and clairvoyance. It symbolizes the Speech of all Buddhas. It is part of the Lotus Buddha Family. Operating time continuously 40 days. Opens a channel in the heart chakra, cleanses and strengthens all chakras.

4. Buddha of Love Avalokiteshvara. The universal channel of love, compassion and mercy, solves personal and family problems, resolves disputes and quarrels, improves relations with people around. Stops misfortune-failures in life. Promotes accelerated spiritual growth. It is used to treat eye diseases and restore the cardiovascular system. Personal channel of the Dalai Lama. Embodies the Consciousness (Mind) of all Buddhas. Part of the Padma-Lotus Buddha Family. Opens a channel in the heart chakra, cleanses and strengthens all the upper chakras: heart, throat, brain, crown chakras.

5. Green Tara (Our Lady). There are 21 forms of Tara (Our Lady) in total. Green refers to the main protective-healing practices of the Diamond Way. Helps with any diseases, including chronic ones. It protects from fears and dangers coming from the earth, water, fire, wind, poisons, wild animals, dangers, robbery, prison, scrip, poverty, unemployment. It is practiced to purify personal and tribal karma. For the treatment of female diseases and sexual disorders. Helps in love, and even find the right life partner. Green Tara in Tibet and the Himalayas is called the deliverer from suffering and disease, purifying the old karma. The Tara Pass 5660 meters is the highest detour point around Kailash, where the old karma is destroyed. Included in the Family of Buddhas Karma Service. The channel in the heart chakra opens, cleanses and strengthens all chakras, especially the lower ones: the root, navel, solar and also the heart.

6. Buddha Raya Amitabha – the lord of the Buddhas of the Padma-Lotus family, develops the energies of learning, control, management, precise interaction with the world. Through the practice of Amitabha, we develop these great abilities to properly manage the external circumstances of life and help others. And the accumulated good merits will allow you to be happy in this life and be reborn for the next birth of the soul in Paradise. Dedication to long life and good savings. Those who practice this mantra regularly will be spared from premature death. It is very important for everyone to have this initiation and practice before their death, as well as when other people die. Thanks to this, dying will be easy and beautiful. The sphere of the pure worlds of Buddha Amitabha will immediately envelop and draw the soul of a person into the highest levels of the posthumous state, and determine his subsequent birth. The channel of the Universal Paradise, and our planetary paradise is a branch of the Universal, created in its brief likeness. The valley of Amitabha and his palace are on the western side of Kailash. Amitabha is the main patron Buddha in China, Korea, Japan. The channel opens through the brain chakra, cleanses and strengthens all the upper chakras: heart, throat, brain, crown.

7. Buddha of Wealth-Luck-Abundance Dzambala (Kubera). Channel of good luck, generosity, wealth and success. Attracts good luck and prosperity in life. With generosity, you get wealth. Eliminates greed, laziness, and dissatisfaction with oneself. Helps to earn and properly dispose of material values. Lives near the southern wall of Kailash. It is practiced in conjunction with another cleansing-protective channel, such as Vajrapani. Included in the Ratna Jewel Family of Buddhas. The channel in the solar chakra opens, cleanses and strengthens the root, navel, solar chakras.

8. Buddha of Long Life and Health Amitayus. Promotes longevity, health, purity of consciousness at all ages. It is used for poisoning, physical damage for the rapid healing of wounds and regeneration of organs. Purifies, charges food, drinks, water. Protects against unexpected and premature death. It has a large electric charge, therefore it nourishes the whole body and consciousness with a supply of health. Part of the Padma-Lotus family of Buddhas. Opens a channel in the throat chakra, cleanses and strengthens all chakras.

9. Guru Rinpoche – Demon Tamer. Impact and protective channel. Its practice helps in severe cases of danger, critical life situations, obsessions and severe mental disorders. Destroys demons, witchcraft, damage, curses. Gives the most powerful protection of the Root line of heavenly and earthly teachers. Protects from dark forces, helps to get rid of energy essences, magical influences, dangers, especially at the level of the physical, ethereal, emotional bodies of a person. Part of the Vajra-Lightning Buddha Family. Opens a channel in the throat chakra, cleanses and strengthens all chakras.

10. Yamantaka Demon Slayer and Death. The practice of this unique Tibetan channel helps with serious illnesses, critical situations, and can even save in fatal cases. It gives the most powerful protection from dark forces, dangers, especially at the level of the physical, ethereal, emotional bodies of a person. Effectively cleanses especially dirty karma, demons and necrotic, both generic and third-party. The name in Sanskrit means “Conquering Death”. Works especially well against energy entities and mages. Eliminates all fears, including the fear of death. Yama Valley – Yamantaki – at the eastern wall of Kailash. Part of the Vajra-Lightning Buddha Family.

11. Buddha of Power Vajrapani. Very powerful impact protective sky channel. Dedication gives good luck, self-confidence, firm support in any undertakings, determination, purposefulness and business qualities. It is practiced when health and immunity are weakened, in various diseases to replenish strength, and in the treatment of seriously ill patients. Increases the strength and capabilities of a person. Practice strengthens and consolidates the action of other vortex-channels. They pump up, fill and condense the Aura. Paired with Dzambala, it helps wonderfully in business. Guaranteed to kill-burn demons, astral nagas and sorcerer projection beams in one go. Part of the Vajra-Lightning Buddha Family. Opens a channel in the heart and throat chakra, cleanses and strengthens all chakras.

12. Samadhi of Milarepa. This is the energy channel of samadhi of the transitional level to the energies of higher human practices of consciousness transformation. It is not recommended to use it for contaminated negative people, so it is produced by the last of the channels of the first stage. By pumping the energies of samadhi into our matrix-aura, we will be able to gradually develop many higher abilities in ourselves: clear vision of the world around, vision of the future, transition to energy supply and low food intake, a long and happy life without diseases. The famous yogi, the best poet of Tibet, Milarepa lived in the 11th century and reached Nirvana in one lifetime. This Initiation completes the transmission of the Lower Tantras through the Root Lineage of Tibetan Yogis. You are now a full-fledged student practicing the state of Samadhi along the line of Buddha Vajradhara – Tilopa – Naropa – Marpa – Milarepa – Gampopa – Pakmo Drukpa – Jigten Sumgyon …. – E.P. Drubpon Sonam Jorphal Rinpoche… This initiation is a preparation for the levels of Highest Tantras, Yoga forms and Mahamudra. Therefore, it has a general strengthening and developing effect for your Consciousness, all subtle and spiritual bodies. Included in the Family of Buddhas Buddha-Enlightened Ones. The channel opens in the brain and crown chakras, cleanses and strengthens all chakras. Receiving initiations through the root line through personal contact with Rinpoche or Authorized Masters of the Diamond Way. Practicing at home. We wish you successful practice, Good Luck and Enlightenment! 


This is the stage of transformation of your body, mind, consciousness into elements of the higher world, by developing the qualities of the highest spirituality, directly connected with the control systems of our physical world. This is the level of mastering the forces of the elements of the Universe, controlling time and space, entering the pure worlds of the Spirit. Practice time from 3 years. The practice unites you into the One Kalachakra Buddha: the fiery matrix of all psychic forces, the energies of the chakras, the energies of the elements, the accumulated cosmic channels, the matrix of time and space. The most beautiful and complex Initiation. The Kalachakra teaching was handed down to us from the Cosmic country of Shambhala for the benefit of improving the world. In it you have to go through the steps of the “palace” of Kalachakra (Sanskrit – the wheel of time) through the forms and qualities of spiritual beings that are part of the Tibetan system of Enlightenment. A firm gradual upward movement in practice and rituals will allow you to reach the cosmic state of Oneness with the Universe, its qualities and energies. Usually during this Initiation many Spiritual beings are present.


Utilitarian practices of the highest level. You are already between heaven and earth. If you enter the posthumous state at this stage, then the next incarnation body will be chosen by you of your own free will. It is enough to master two yogas of them to move to the next step.

1. Tummo – Yoga of inner heat. There is a rise of Kundalini and the development of a huge amount of spiritual energy, which we transform into our physical capabilities, health, creative growth and success in all matters. (Tummo is not transmitted to us).

2. Yoga of the illusory body. The doctrine of May – the Great Illusion, under the power of which are all the phenomena of manifested existence. This is one of the fundamental teachings in all schools of Buddhism, as well as among Indian yogis. Only the perfect Unified Cosmic Consciousness goes beyond the bounds of the conditioned circulation of the Universe. Under the influence of the veil of Illusion, the truth is perceived distortedly, and only a yogi can penetrate beyond this veil of matter. Thus, we enter the boundless Cosmic Consciousness-Mind, which creates the universes according to its own laws and forms.

3. Yoga of dreams. The entire Universe appears as an endless series of cycles of sleep and wakefulness of the Unified Cosmic Consciousness. The doctrine of human consciousness, in which sleep and wakefulness are expressed as two illusory poles of the Unified perception, reflecting the unreality of all Natural phenomena of the Universe. Both states are karmically conditioned and unreal, showing us the sequence of objective sense perceptions. The task of a yogi is awareness and correct existence in both unreal states of Samsara – in sleep and in wakefulness.

4. Yoga of clear light. The practice of achieving enlightened consciousness. Clear light is the state of the Dharmakaya, the highest subtle body of the universe. This is the state of Nirvana, the unconditioned truth, free from all material factors of samsara. The state in which Buddhas always exist, and yogis reach only in samadhi. (Our main practice at this stage).

5. Bardo – Yoga of posthumous existence. The practice of leaving the human body at the time of death is one of the most important in yoga. At the time of death, the Initiate consciously achieves samadhi and falls into a state similar to a prolonged sleep. It is characterized by many illusory visual, auditory and tactile impulses, sensations, forms through which our consciousness-soul, free from the body, flows after death. The practice of Bardo yoga during life will make your stay in the afterlife short and pleasant, contributing to an even better birth and awareness of the unity of Life. (Our main practice at this stage).

6. Pova – Yoga of the transfer of consciousness. With practice, the yogi achieves the ability to transfer his Consciousness (soul) in time and space, frees himself from attachment to the body, and when dying, he immediately consciously enters the Cosmic spiritual state. The next Rebirth is chosen consciously at will.

The SIX YOGAS OF FORM are related in the Indian tradition to Universal Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Instructions only from Rinpoche and authorized Masters!


Practice time from 3 years. These cosmic states are difficult to describe in words. You are filled with the consciousness of the Universe and are constantly in the higher worlds. Mahamudra in Sanskrit means Great Perfection. This is the highest level of Tibetan practices. The entire visible Universe is filled with ideas arising from the One Cosmic Consciousness, the source of nirvana and samsara. Perceiving and experiencing perfect ideas in our consciousness, we approach the cognition of the Unified Consciousness. Our consciousness and its state is inseparable from the consciousnesses of all other beings of the Universe. Therefore, it is important to have a harmonious environment and engage in creative creativity. Thus, practicing Mahamudra, we become the perfect Cosmos in the eternal present, without boundaries and conditions. The final stage of your practice. You are able to implement any business at a distance. Your world is expanding to the size of the Universe, and the sphere of communication and activity is not limited by time and the world of people. The whole universe is helping your work. Try to prepare socially for this Cosmic stage of your soul in advance. These are your Diamond steps of Ascension into infinity.