The process of transformation of mental-psychic energies into spiritual ones.

Our research project Egyptian Research aims to restore Hermetic Alchemy as a system of spiritual and psychic improvement. The methods of improvement based on the teachings of Thoth-Hermes, which originated and developed in the ancient period of human civilization in Egypt, regulate the process of transforming human mental-psychic energies into spiritual ones.

At the same time, the emphasis in the self-development of superpowers is placed on the Egyptian Initiations – the transmission and development in life of the higher energies of the One God, which are manifested as separate special cosmic forces-deities. Thus the principles of the Hermetic Philosophy realize knowledge into the life process of Hermetic Alchemy, which transforms man into God.

As Hermes said, “All progress is the Return Home.” That is, by accumulating divine energies and concentrating them in our soul matrix, we simply return to ourselves – the Cosmic Spirit, which once entered the road of incarnations of the soul.


  1. Mentalism: Everything is thought; The Universe is a mental image operating according to a higher Plan. The thought of the Creator gives birth to matter and governs matter.
  2. Correspondence (analogy): As above, so below; as below, so above. Cosmos is built from matrix correspondences-copies. From the highest level of Being to the lowest, the same cosmic forces, the archetypes, act. They are from top to bottom, reduce, separate themselves and their abilities.
  3. Vibration: Nothing is at rest, everything is moving, everything is vibrating. The through vibrational wave of creation constantly emanates from the highest Spirit of Creation and passes through all dimensions-states of Existence, making changes in them. Energy over Time is the criterion for the process of changing everything.
  4. Polarity: Everything is dual, everything has poles; everything has its antipode; opposites are identical in nature but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are nothing but half-truths; All paradoxes can be reconciled.
  5. Rhythm: Everything flows, flows in, flows out; everything has ebb and flow; everything rises and falls; pendulum oscillations are manifested in everything. The measure of swing to the left is the measure of swing to the right. Rhythm balances (compensates) the state.
  6. Cause and effect: Every principle has its effect, every effect has its cause. Everything is done in accordance with the law. Chance is nothing but the name of a law that is not recognized. There are many planes of causality, but nothing escapes the law.
  7. Gender: Gender is in everything, everything has its Masculine and Feminine principle. Gender manifests itself in all dimensions of Being as principles of activity and passivity.

The process of learning Hermetic Alchemy is the process of comprehending and applying the Egyptian cosmic forces in ourselves, and our life energy. All dedications are adapted to the present. That is, they are held for a short time, without preliminary tests and preparatory meditations. All initiations are creative – for they are intended to bring good, good, help people, the progress of mankind. In development and practice, you will need all your purity, goodwill, intuition and clairvoyance. Egyptian cosmic forces (gods) are highly conscious. They are friendly, cheerful, sociable, loving. They are always multidimensional and see through you, it is impossible to hide your intentions from them.

Prayers and sacred formulas-keys for opening channels have been translated by us from well-known papyri and wall inscriptions into Russian and transcription. For example, in the surviving ritual and medical papyri, about 20% of the text is devoted to mantras and sacred formulas for healing, gaining benefits. Our work on deciphering and practical use of ancient Egyptian sacred knowledge continues….

Having a similar structure with the Universe, each person is a source of energy connected directly with God, who is the source of all knowledge and energies. The different names of the god, the different forms of manifestation of his powers, nevertheless, are united in their source. Therefore, every person is a particle of God. Through each person God observes the world. In the various energies and forms of the gods, we first of all discover ourselves. The Egyptians were among the first people to understand this simple and great truth.

EGYPTIAN PANTHEON and its reflection in man.  

Unique in its kind and which has survived to this day, the Teaching of the unity of the structure of man and the Universe of the Egyptians is like the most outstanding achievements of sacred knowledge that came from the East. Many of the religious traditions of modern times have their origins in this ancient teaching, which had a cosmic origin. Reflected in the monuments, it is a philosophical artifact, no doubt pointing to the once existing moral and ethical message, transmitted to humanity by the hierarchical system of life of the Universe. In fact, this Knowledge is the moral and ethical law of the Universe, the observance or violation of which predetermines the vector of development of any civilization.

The “great nine Gods”, which has come down from the depths of millennia to the present day, was the basis of the teaching, the meaning of which went back to the structure of the universe. This is the foundation of the ancient Heliopolis pantheon in Egypt – the scientific and ideological paradigm of the ancient Egyptian priests. To comprehend the meaning of this teaching, one must turn to ancient texts. The world of the “gods”, like everything in the universe, has a primary single unmanifested nature, which in each active Universe turns into a Triad, and that into Enniad (nine). Egyptian Hermeticism brought into the world the idea of the divine origin of man, an idea capable of improving the world around. Descended from the One essence, each person is a god, created in the image and likeness of the One Creator. Being its projection in the material and energy world, man is arranged in the same way as the Universe is arranged, which is the body of the Creator, with the entities and “gods” inhabiting it.

According to Hermetic philosophy, the triple universe is:

Highest level: Absolute;

Manifested level of two states: Ideal Universe and Dynamic Universe of energies; This is how the Triad appears, which, reflecting and transforming, forms nine.

The nine great “gods” who created the manifested Universe are: the nine energy bodies of the Absolute-Creator-Creator. Possessing different qualities, each of the energy bodies (hypostases of God) participates in the formation of the energy structure of both spiritual beings and humans. These same nine great “gods” are: the nine energy bodies of man. Each human energy body is a projection of one of the nine energy bodies of the Creator of the Universe and contains matrices – the foundations of the vital systems of a multidimensional human being. In the Egyptian creation myth, there is a direct indication of this: “… in the Beginning of Beginnings there was nothing – only one infinite, motionless, immersed in darkness Nun (Ocean of primordial energy). Nun contained within himself the germs [matrix] of all things, all creatures…”.

As Hermes Trismegistus said, “as above, so below.” Man, his spiritual, energy structure and his body, being the focal point of refraction of the flows of nine universal energy bodies of the Creator, was created and develops due to the interaction of two all-forming-transforming flows of the Creator’s spiritual energy – His “KA” and “BA”. Each of the nine energy bodies of the Universe and man is also formed by the same energy flows. Everything in the world is subject to this principle and is formed by the interaction of the KA-BA energy flows. Ka and Ba are the spiritual power of a person, the energies of his soul, which continue to exist all incarnations. They can be separated from the body and move freely in time and space. These immortal energies were depicted as a bird with a human head. Sacred animals often acted as a symbol of the Ba-soul of the gods.

The Egyptians believed in the immortality of the soul since the most ancient prehistoric times of a great civilization. Ba is a part of the soul of the Universe, or a spiritual substance that gives life to any entity. The body is for the earth, the soul is for the sky, and human nature is identified with consciousness. After earthly death, the energy of the soul flies over the body – this is its Ka – until the soul is transformed into an astral spirit, and both – Ka and Ba (the divine “spark” – one of the spiritual characteristics of this individual) – are connected by the thread of Osiris with the highest mind to enter into a single universal Spirit – Sahu. Numerous frescoes depicting the immortality of the soul and other religious subjects were found in the temples and palaces of the pharaohs. All mortuary temples and tombs are painted with scenes of eternal life, hence their name – “houses of eternity”. Ancient Egyptian Cross – the key of immortality “Ankh” symbolized the future eternal life of a pure soul with its three attributes: peace, bliss and happiness.

The nine human energy bodies are like projections of the nine energy bodies of the Creator of the Universe and are inextricably linked with the Universe. That is why the priests understood the “Heliopolis Enniad” as nine energy bodies of the Universe and man. These 9 “first gods”, although they describe the categories of the Macrocosm, are presented for ease of understanding in the form of people. A person and his energy structure consists of 6 main energy aspects-bodies inside his aura and three more higher levels around, from the Unified Body of the Universe.

The Universe and Man, macrocosm and microcosm, have a similar structure. Man, his energy bodies and physical shell, are formed as a result of the interaction of nine energy plans (bodies of the Creator) of the Universe. Man and his energy structure is the focal point of refraction of the energy flows of the Universe. All energy bodies of the Universe are the body of the Creator.

Let us briefly describe the “Great Nine” of man from top to bottom, from the Macrocosm to the Microcosm.

  1. Sahu is the infinite universal spiritual body of the One God the Creator, gods-rays and every person at the same time. Each and every one proceeds from it at the “beginning of beginnings” and enters into it at the “end”. In Egyptian Hermeticism it was symbolized by the constellation Orion, the brightest and largest in the tropical sky. A person can reach the level of Sahu – real enlightenment only in the case of a true and positive life, great spiritual accumulations. For an ordinary person, Sahu is potentially achievable, but in reality it is far away, without the highest transmutation of our Ka – energy and Ba – soul. Sahu is eternal and indestructible, it is the One Cosmic Brahman.
  2. Hu – in Egyptian “soul of the spirit”, a kind of substantial matrix, the spirit that every creature in the universe has. Hu of all living creatures dwell in the Sahu of the One God, and under suitable conditions can descend into material incarnations. This is a common matrix for all representatives of the species, which determines the behavior, abilities, qualities of the species of creatures, for example, the people of the Earth. It is Hu who programs Ba and Ka that a person will have such a ninefold structure that his body will be made of flesh and blood, walking upright with two legs, two arms and a head. All beings, incorporeal and corporeal, have Hu as a determinant of their external and internal appearance. Hu-matrix of the spirit of beings, is eternal within the boundaries of this universe. This is the Atman – the guardian spirit of the soul.
  3. Ba – the soul of man, in Egyptian “the soul of the heart”, the fiery spiritual seed of the One God. His empty matrix Hu at the “beginning of time”, where Ba – the soul must add-concentrate its good deeds of each incarnation. When the vessel of the soul is completely filled with blessings, then Ba soars above the world of incarnates and enters the Sahu of the one God, where, together with the Sahu of other people, angels and gods, he blisses in eternal and unchanging absolute happiness. If a person has nothing to fill Ba with, then she cannot reach out to consciousness, toils high in the sky over a deceitful and evil person, regretting the incarnations he wasted in vain. Ba-soul is eternal within the boundaries of the Universe. This is our atmanic energy body according to Vedism.
  4. Ka is an accumulated energy body, a layer between the Ba-soul and Ab-consciousness. This is the highest energy of the spiritual and psychic achievements of man. In ancient Egyptian, “double”, which has the energy appearance and qualities of a given person. Ka lends itself to gradual development, and then the Hermetic Alchemy takes place, transforming the mortal energies of consciousness into the immortal energies of the Soul. With such work, the Ka-energy body completely merges with the Ba-soul. And this happens once and for all, that is, in all subsequent incarnations, a person will have the innate superpowers of a deity. The Egyptian Mer-Ka-Ba technique is designed to connect Ka and Ba. At the same time, Ka flows into the upper level, becomes a part of the Ba-soul. This is our buddhial energy body.
  5. Ab – consciousness, conscience. In ancient Egyptian – “heart”, but not just physical, but energetic. These are the accumulations of the memory of consciousness, in the form of imprints of events, speeches and thoughts of a given life. Ab falls on the posthumous judgment of the soul and if positive, then it weighs equal to or less than the Feather of Truth of the Goddess Maat. And then Ab soars together with the soul of Ka and the spirit of Ba to heaven, where he gives them his charge. Ab long-lived, but not eternal. This is the causal-karmic body.
  6. Sekhem is the life force, the energy of fate, the energy of the winds of karma, the pranic energy body. Destructible after death.
  7. Ren is the name, personality of a person in this incarnation. If Ren is strong, it may exist for some time after death, sometimes centuries, or even millennia. But still, the energies stacking Ren are destructible. This is the mental-astral energy body.
  8. Khaibit is a shadow, a reflection of his physical and mental body. Destructible maximum months or years after physical death. Etheric energy body according to Vedism.
  9. Hut is a physical energy body made of flesh and blood, it is maintained in a vital state due to higher bodies, it is built and destroyed, in accordance with impulses from above. Redox biochemical reactions are constantly going on in it. The hut is immediately destroyed if the Ba-soul leaves it.

Egyptian initiations.

The First Level of Initiations.

Almost all channels open from an average height of 10-20 meters, with a wide golden stream-shine (only Ptah and Khonsu are white-gold). At the same time, descending from above on you, they accept and intensify the rotation of your aura clockwise from left to right.

The wide golden radiance of the channels is as a background main shock-enhancing channel for connecting the forces-rays of the god – Amon-ra. When working, it opens automatically at the top and around, when opening any Egyptian channel, intensifying the work.

Channels are Beam – they open like a beam, a stream (almost all).

There are field ones, more powerful, large ones, which open very wide like a whole ocean, sea (Amon-Ra, Ptah).

1. Initiation into the channel of the god Osiris (Usir). Known since ancient times. The festival of Osiris, as the patron god, progenitor, forefather of people, fertility, was held in Abydos and in other parts of the country with mass initiations. Lord of Paradise. He was the first to teach people to reach paradise during the transition between lives. The practice gives an increase in strength, spiritual growth, cleansing of the energy field-aura, chakra-energy centers, treatment of chronic diseases, strengthening and fusion of bones, treatment of the musculoskeletal system, heel spurs, and an increase in vitality. As well as breaking stones in the kidneys and gallbladder, the treatment of cancer.

2. Shaon (in ancient Egyptian Shaun) – the sacred “solar sand” from Abydos, this is a part (beam) of the energy of Osiris, connected with the energy of the Sun-Ra. Sacred “Sunny Sand” was covered from the base along the perimeter of all temples and holy places for protection and consecration. Including it was discovered by archaeologists under the Pyramids, the temples of Luxor and Karnak, in Esna, Edfu, and other holy places. On the bas-reliefs of the temples of Esna and Edfu, for example, the pharaoh is shown falling asleep Shaon before laying the foundation of the Temple. It is used in healing as an anti-parasitic, anti-cancer, anti-viral channel, also against chronic bodily diseases. It acts more densely on the physical plane, in the treatment of bodily problems. Do not earn separately. Opens as golden shining sand flies down from Osiris.

3. Initiation into the channel of the goddess Isis (Iset et al.). Mother Goddess. One of the world’s favorite cult goddesses, the personification of the great maternal divine principle. Helps to gain wisdom and spiritual knowledge, clairvoyance. Her patronage brings good luck and health. Treats women’s diseases: adrenal glands, ovaries, uterus, fibroids, fibroids, mastopathy, infertility, inflammation of the breasts, increases the amount of milk in mothers, treatment of all endocrine glands, pituitary gland. The patroness of sacred rituals and prayers. Gives the right decisions, advice, success. Her cult and rituals lasted the longest, through all antiquity, antiquity and the Middle Ages.

4. Initiation into the channel of the god Thoth (Dzhehuti, Hermes, Mercury lat.). One of the most famous Ascended Masters on Earth. It is revered all over the world for its selfless service to people. In different cultures under different names from Atlantis and Egypt to Greece, Rome and medieval Europe, it plays a significant role in the development of culture, science, technology, knowledge, and skills of mankind. Dear Patron and curator of the line of Egyptian Initiations. Its energy helps to open clairvoyance, expand the horizon of consciousness and the depth of understanding of the Divine Universe. He communicates easily and cheerfully, always helps, answers questions, the best adviser. It gives protection and patronage in social and material affairs, in human development, helps learning, science, inventions. The channel helps to strengthen intuition and clairvoyance, to see fate and predict the future.

5. Initiation into the channel of the goddess Hathor. Goddess of love and creativity. Gives love, happiness, harmonizes ties with people, helps marriage and family. The patroness of the arts. It treats female and male sexual disorders and venereal diseases, infertility, menstrual disorders, prostatitis, spleen, adrenal glands. Increases clairvoyance.

Her energy helps writers, singers, musicians, poets, artists, people of art in their work. It harmonizes and develops the energies of society, people, improves coordination of movements, vision, including clairvoyance.

6. Initiation into the channel of the god Horus. Channel of Power, control, harmony of society. This divine power is the patron of human egregors and earthly power. Develops will, diligence, responsibility, helps success in material and spiritual growth. Practice for the progress of a person, organization, people, country, clears the negatives of power and develops a harmonious force for large spaces, for a large number of people. His totem animal is the falcon, a symbol of heavenly power. The channel helps for any (positive) business, any (positive) job, for promotion and more earnings. For managers it helps to make harmonious developmental decisions. For the construction of long-term energy structures-egregors: organizations, companies, projects, businesses.

  • Initiation into the channel of the goddess of power Sekhmet (Mut). Translated – powerful mother 

Second Level of Initiations. 

At the second stage, you receive three types of energy of the One God

Amon Min – Universal energy of growth, increase.

Amon-Ra – Universal energy of creation and order. Lord of manifested energies.

Ptah is the invisible internal energy of life, destiny, the creator of all universal ideas, plans, matrices. He owns the hidden potential of everything, and for people – the lord of mutual transformations, transformations, Enlightenment.

10. Initiation into the channel of the god Amon-Ra. This is the form of the One Creator God in Egypt. Patron and giver of all blessings. The universal energy of the One God is woven from many connecting beams. To increase strength, self-confidence. Its power increases and unifies the powers of the channels of the first stage. Treatment of heart, nervous diseases, neuralgia, kidney stones and gallbladder. Opens wide at the top, field.

Initiation into the channel of the god-emanation Amon-Min.

Super powerful active energy of growth, increase, enhancement, fertility and creative growth. Used to treat sexual disorders, impotence and frigidity, restore youth and strength, increase everything. The fruits of our labor, wealth, strength.

12. Initiation into the channel of the god Ptah. Ptah in the Memphian era of the ancient kingdom was the head of all manifested cosmic forces-gods. He is understood as the hidden, invisible, source of all the diversity of creation. He is the masculine cosmic principle – the idea of the cosmos and its plan. He is the lord of various universal spiritual systems-dimensions. Practice directs people to super-development and Enlightenment. Heavy duty high frequency! Open wide on all sides. We direct it down the aura, and introduce it from below into the sushumna, turning it into an ascending channel for the transmutation of dense and neuro-psychic energies into spiritual ones. Rotation counterclockwise from right to left (Similar to the Shiva channel among the Hindus).

Third Level of Initiations.

13. Activation of the MER-KA-BA field – the field of enlightenment-immortality. You are walking the Path of Hermetic Alchemy! With the accumulation and regular practice of the energies of the Egyptian channels, due to the high concentration of various forces in a small volume of your aura, they are transmuted-catalyzed by the Mer-Ka-Ba technique into the energy of enlightenment in the Heart Center (another channel of Enlightenment, the highest purification of the soul, consciousness and body Nefertum). In this case, certain interconverting channels of high power are used.

During the practice of the Mer-Ka-Ba, our energy is cleansed, rejuvenated, and the cells of the body are pumped with electricity of high power and purity. This achieves conscious immortality of consciousness. Your energies are transmuted into a high energy angelic glow. The body is transformed into a long-lived, super-healthy one. The need for food and external pleasures is sharply reduced.

14. The ancient Egyptian channel of Enlightenment, the highest purification of the soul, consciousness and body Nefertum. It is acquired in personal practice after the development of all channels and the Mer-Ka-Ba as the highest angelic state of a person. At the same time, the psychic Alchemy of interconverting channels of great power of Sekhmet and Ptah is applied.

Experimental Method

Scheme of operating time and session of Egyptian channels. Time from 30 to 60 minutes.

Setting for the benefit of all living beings. We prepare ourselves and the space around. We mentally make a flash of light from the heart center around, along the border of our aura we draw a circle of Light (Fire) around ourselves and fill the aura with golden sunlight inside. We fill with golden light all the space around us without clear boundaries.

We open the channel of God ………, for this we pronounce the name according to the Egyptian formula

Iyaut Etu Necheru(t) Name – (Glorified be God Name) many times. We present a voluminous animated picture of the God/Goddess above us in a large size. We lower a stream of golden energy from him/her onto us.

I salute and worship God………… I ask for blessing, treatment, purification and protection for myself and all those present here.

We imagine, visualize a three-dimensional picture and the aura of God ……… above us from above. The aura glows and is energized from within, begins to rotate clockwise. Rotating from above, the flow of the channel is lowered onto us and others. Rotation compacts the space inside the channel.

Treatment, purification, protection, practical work with patients. Phantom work. We hold the visualization of energy from above from God, all the time of the session. We regularly rhythmically recite the name of the god and / or prayers in the ancient Egyptian language, and in the rhythm of the mantra we pump the energy from the picture of the god down through us.

At the end, “Thank you. We love you. Goodbye until we meet again!”

After the initiations of developing the qualities of the channels, recite with meditation for 30-45 minutes for 43 days.