You can order for yourself or any loved one.

Remote Psycho-Energy-Correction-Cleansing and Prayer are carried out by the best and strongest Masters of the Foundation of Spiritual Culture and the Federation of Universal Yoga from Moscow and other cities, including Evgeny Borisovich Lugov himself.


By the method of shock explosive strengthening of immunity, human electro-biofield.

Primary extrasensory electromagnetic Karma Diagnostic, with filling in the table of indicators of electrical signals of the body, biofield, consciousness = 8 000 Rub.( 90Euro)

Lebensberater, Consultant on Destiny, Health, Social activity and busyness.

Prayer – Cleaning explosive channels from negative energy parasites, damage, witchcraft, etc. One off from all major negatives

Prayer-Swap to consolidate and enhance the healing effect.

psychic counseling and Bioenergy therapy on any life, family issues, health difficulties, fate, business.

If 5 sessions in a row – 5 days = 14 000 Rub(160€)

If 10 sessions = 25 000 Rub (280€)

Also remotely REGENERATION OF HEALTH for sick, elderly, debilitated people 10 sessions = 25 000 Rub (280€) = extension for 1 year of life (guarantee).

ANCESTORS KARMA DIAGNOSTIC and cleaning for 4 generations and 38 000Rub (430€), and explaining the knee if necessary.

Removal of negative programs, addictions, correction of chronic diseases,

REGRESSIONS in past lives, undoing the knots of karma with other people,

The final diagnostics of the result of the work, the control of the effectiveness of Prayer is carried out by Ph.D. Evgeny Lugov.

Body Regeneration Program – pumping cells and organs with restorative healing channels is offered for chronic health disorders, aging 10 sessions = 25 000 Rub. (280€)

Anti-cancer program 10 sessions = 25 000 Rub. (280€)

Antivirus program 10 sessions = 25 000 Rub (280€)

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